Geopathic stress surveys

In short, geopathic stress is a class of geomagnetic anomalies and distortions in the earth’s magnetic field (Schumann Resonance). Extensive research suggests that living or working over geopathic stress can have detrimental health effects.

Geopathic stress survey includes
• Checking the whole property and recommendations for solutions

Remote/distant geopathic surveys are available as well.

Electromagnetic surveys

I provide electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) surveys for homes and workplaces, using tested approaches for analysis and practical solutions. The surveys are based on established electromagnetic radiation science and guidelines for prevention and IGNIR INTERNATIONAL GUIDELINES ON NON-IONISING RADIATION (including the Institute of Building Biology). I work with electricians, plumbers, developers, builders, architects to design the healthiest environments for working and living.

Benefits of electromagnetic surveys

• Healthy living and working environments
• When buying a property, choosing the best optimum location for your new home or workplace
• Practical, tailored solutions

What does an electromagnetic radiation survey include?
• Initial consultation to determine your needs
• Numerous measurements, taken and interpreted
• Focused instructional advice throughout with recommendations for shielding and protection
• Solutions based on your requirements and practicalities
• Electromagnetic radiation recommendations in relation to the technology used

What do I check for?
• Radio and microwave fields such as mobile phones, microwave ovens, cordless phones, wi-fi, mobile phone masts.
• Dirty electricity which is transient variations in the voltage and frequency of the mains
• Earthing systems
• Extra-low frequency electric and magnetic fields – from the mains supply and building wiring
• Induced body voltages
• Technology use and installation – home offices, usage of mobiles

How much does it cost?
The cost depends on the location, size, design, etc – please contact me for a specific quote.
I also offer advice over the phone/skype/zoom/whatsapp – please contact me for a specific quote.

How long does a survey take?
It usually takes about two hours and depends on the property’s size is and the problems. The quote includes on-site evaluation of up to 2.5 hours. A less expensive alternative is to order a 1-hour telephone consultancy.

As part of our professional approach to electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress surveying, design and consulting, I hold professional indemnity insurance.

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