What is electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?
Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or sometimes called electrosmog or electrostress is generated by most electrical appliances, electrical cables, transformers, hairdryers (read below), electrical shavers, microwaves, mobile masts, cordless telephones, smart meters and mobile phones as well as electric storage radiators (heaters), electric stove ring, microwave ovens and electric blankets.

Electromagnetic field (ELF) radiation includes household appliances and overhead power lines. Scientists agree that ELF fields are hazardous to human health. It’s considered “possibly carcinogenic,” by WHO organisation and has been linked to cases of childhood leukaemia.

“How much more radiation penetrates your body today, compared to 10 years ago?”
the answer is: “Quintillion times more – that is 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 times more!”
(18 zeros)
Olle Johansson, PhD, Associate Professor in Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden

The most common frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum include:
• Electric power 60 Hz
• AM radio 1 MHz
• FM radio 88-108 MHz
• Mobile phones 800-2200 MHz
• Microwave ovens 2450 MHz
• X-rays, more than 1,000,000 MHz
• Wifi, 2-5GHz

Prior to 1880s electrification, the only radiation was natural radiation of the Earth, called Schumann Resonance, sun and thunder radiation, and some geological radiation. For more than 200 thousands of years, humans have been exposed only to natural radiation and our bodies have well adapted to it. According to Olle Johansson, PhD, Associate Professor in Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, in the last 10 years, we’ve increased the man-made radiation that penetrates your bodies, quintillion times more – that is 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 times more! (18 zeros)

EMF spectrum Non-ionizing vs Ionizing radiation

EMF spectrum Non-ionizing vs Ionizing radiation

All electromagnetic energy falls somewhere on the electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation to microwaves, x-rays, and gamma rays. It’s a proven fact that at extremely high frequencies, like that of x-rays, the electromagnetic particles have enough power to break chemical bonds and cause serious damage to human tissue. This is known as ionizing radiation (see the chart above for the range of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation).

Since X-rays have the power to damage the genetic material of cells, they can lead to cancer and birth defects—which is why you wear a lead vest during x-rays to protect the surrounding areas from unnecessary damage.

At lower frequencies, such as the microwave range used by mobile phones and base stations, the energy emitted is too low to break chemical bonds (non-ionizing radiation). This is the main staple argument by those who believe that cell phone radiation is completely harmless.

Perhaps the most interesting, and perplexing thing to note here is this: Although extremely low frequencies (ELF’s emitted from appliances and power lines) are known to be carcinogenic, and high levels of radiofrequency energy are known to create heat that damages biological tissue, the scientific community is extremely hesitant to attach any kind of danger to the in-between frequencies where cell phones operate.

Radiation risk factors
• proximity to the source of radiation
• exposure time
• and the volume of radiofrequency radiation absorbed
For example, there is not much difference, between putting headphones in your ears and holding a mobile phone next to your head and talking for a long time.

Generation Zapped is an eye-opening documentary, which reveals that wireless technology poses serious health risks, from infertility to cancer. Through interviews with experts in science and public health, along with people who suffer from high sensitivity to wireless radiation, the film suggests ways to reduce your exposure and protect your family.
It starts with Olle Johansson, PhD, Associate Professor in Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden asking  a simple question: “How much more radiation penetrates your body today, compared to 10 years ago?” the answer is: “Quintillion times more – that is 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 times more!” (18 zeros).
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Brainwave states and Schumann resonance of 7.83Hz
Helios3 produces a frequency of 7.83Hz (Schumann Resonance) which soothes the brain so your brain gets the same benefits as when you sleep in geopathic stress-free zones and with no electro-smog. Research suggests a correlation between Schumann Resonance (SR) frequency of 7.83Hz and alpha brain rhythms 7-12Hz (König, 1979) and it has been found that alpha brainwave frequencies have a positive effect on wellness, so we can stay healthy (Aschoff 1954; Glass 2001; Funk, Monsees, Özkuzur 2009).

GammaAvarage 40 cycles per second; 25-100 HzThe 'aha!' moment; Moments of insight and problem solving; Lucid dreaming frequency; Increased sensory perception, mental activity and focus; Bliss
Beta14-21 cycles per second (cps) and higherWaking state, The five senses, Perception of time and space, Busy thinking and active processing
Alpha7-14 cpsRelaxation, Calm state, Healing, Light sleep, Mediation, Intuition, Dreaming, No time and space limitation, Lucid dreaming, Schumann Resonance
Theta4-7 cpsDeep sleep, Mediation, If conscious Witnessing state of awareness, REM sleep
Delta0-4 cpsDeep dreamless sleep, Loss of body awareness, You're unconscious at delta, If conscious Nondual Oneness awareness

Watch a documentary about Schumann resonance, geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution and electrosensitivity below.

Resonance: Beings of Frequency

What is mobile phone radiation?
Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from mobile phones provokes a good deal of controversy. Many experts believe that the radiation is too low-level to cause harm. However, they often base this on an examination of thermal or heat-related effects. The danger from mobile phones is far more likely to originate in the low-intensity pulsed microwave radiation that the phones emit.

What proof is there of harmful effects?
There is now a growing body of evidence (30 000 studies!) showing that long-term exposure to this kind of mobile phone radiation can indeed put your health in danger. Studies have linked mobile phone radiation and other types of radiation to issues like:
• Brain cancer
• Tumour growth on the auditory nerve
• Reduced male fertility
• Increased risk of seizures
• Many other potential problems

Although mobile phone radiation is of low intensity, the oscillatory similarity between this pulsed microwave radiation and certain electrochemical activities within your body raises serious concerns.

Your body is essentially an electromagnetic instrument, controlled by highly complex and orderly oscillatory electrical processes. Each one of these electro-biological processes vibrates at a specific frequency—some of which happen to be close to those used in modern GSM cell phone technology.

The pulsating, low-intensity microwaves from mobile phones can exert subtle, non-thermal influences on the human biology because microwaves are waves. As such, they have properties other than just intensity (which is the part regulated by safety guidelines).

Therefore, much in the same way as a radio can receive interference; your biological processes can be interfered with by the oscillatory aspect of the incoming radiation.

Highly organized electrical processes at the cellular level are especially vulnerable to interference from cell phone radiation because their frequency happens to fall within the microwave range.

Watch Dr Devra Davis, the founding director of the Center for Environmental Oncology, author of two important books Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Is Doing to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family and The Secret History of the War on Cancer

Why there is no major epidemic of the effect of radiation?
People ask if there is such an increase in radiation quintillion times more in the past 10 years (that is 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 times more!” – 18 zeros) why there is no epidemic of the negative effects of it. Research suggests that for some people it may take up to 40 years to develop health problems as a result of radiation. There are now almost 30 000 studies on the dangers of radiation.

What is hypersensitivity (EHS) and what triggers it?
Electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) is often a combination of up to three factors:
a. a natural sensitivity, similar to other idiopathic or allergic reactions, which is not common in the general population. There are about 12 million allergy sufferers (according to Allergy UK in September 2007) in Britain and the number is increasing all the time,
b. sensitisation by some trigger, which could be one or more of a variety of commonly encountered substances.
c. sensitisation by some incident, which has the capability of damaging the bioelectrochemical communication within the body.

Chronic environmental overload, both physical, chemical and psychosocial, when added to genetic predisposition and chronic or acute illness (e.g. viruses have certainly been implicated in some environmental syndromes) increase a person’s susceptibility and contributes to the development of electromagnetic sensitivity symptoms.
Initiation of EHS often comes at a time when people are experiencing an intensive work period, which suggests that the changes in people’s systems due to stress may increase the person’s sensitivity to environmental factors. Stress sensitive hormones have been found to be elevated in people at work in electromagnetic environments (and in EHS sufferers), but not when they are at leisure.

  • Problematic Electrical Appliances
  • Computers
  • Computer monitors
  • Laptops
  • WiFi systems
  • Mobile phones and Bluetooth earphones
  • Cordless phones
  • Televisions
  • Game consoles
  • Fluorescent lights

Some common initiators associated with the development of electrical hypersensitivity which have been proposed are:

  • Living, or working near overhead power lines, substations, underground cables or electrified railways
  • Working in environments with high EMFs (including photocopiers which also give off ozone)
  • Radar
  • Use of electrical appliances
  • Electric shocks or lightning strikes
  • Dental amalgam fillings
  • Chemical exposures (Paint, pesticides, insecticides, lice & flea treatments, bleaches and cleansers, field and garden sprays, furniture and carpet treatments, wood glue and varnish). Many of these have been found to cause neurological damage, which may then be made worse by EMF exposure.

It makes little difference what the initial provocation is; environmental exposure of the immune system by chemicals inside the home or outside, pesticides, or electromagnetic fields, once a person is exposed to any of these, it seems the likelihood of reacting to all of them increases dramatically. More info at ElectroSensitivity UK website for people sensitised by electromagnetic radiation

What you can do to protect yourself from electromagnetic pollution

Some common sense and very practical approaches include:
• Keep your mobile phone use down a much as possible (under 4 min at a time).
• Get a mobile phone with a good speakerphone and ideally always use it. Or use an air-tube headset or Bluetooth headset.
• Keep the phone as far away from your body as possible.
Switch off wifi for the night – always!
• Restrict your children’s use of cell phones, as no one knows just how severe the health impact maybe after a lifetime of exposure.
• Do grounding or earthing yourself on regular bases to detox electro-smog from your body.
• Neutralise dirty electricity from your home and workplace with dirty electricity filters.
Order Helios3 Now to harmonise the existing EMR in your home and office environments

Follow R-I-D-E
Reduce – reduce all electro smog, dirty electricity, etc as much as you can, wire your internet and everything, don’t use wifi. You may need somebody to do the full house check for EMFs.
Immunity – boost your immunity so your body can fight electrosmog better. Your body gets depleted by electrosmog and stress. Add vitamin B12, magnesium and iron… etc (not sure what else – do some further research); use Helios3 to boost Schumann resonance in your home/workplace. https://www.helios3.com
Detox – detox your body especially any toxins that can interact with electrosmog; amalgam feelings, metal, etc
Emotional empowerment – build your emotional resilience so you’re emotionally prepared for electrosmog. Electrosmog is an environmental stressor and like any stressors can take a toll on your emotional and mental health. Take positive actions and build healthy habits when it comes to electromagnetic pollution. To reduce stress use: EFT/tapping, Havening technique, coherent breathing, mindfulness, spiritual development, prayer, earthing/grounding, etc

How can Helios3 protect you from electro-smog?
The Helios3 doesn’t reduce wi-radiation or electromagnetic pollution. Short of living in a metal Faraday cage and shielding yourself completely, there are no devices that can do that, even if you switch off all your electrical devices at home – your neighbours’ wifi and mobile phones masts would reach you and can affect you. But Helios3 counters the negative effects of EMF’s / electro-smog on the body by creating an abundance of Schumann waves/resonance 7.83Hz in your home or workplace where your body naturally tunes into the healthy Earth’s frequency of 7.83Hz instead of electro-smog and reducing the negative effects by the well-known and researched grounding/earthing effect. The mechanism and effect of Helios3 are similar to when people take stable iodine that can help block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland, thus protecting this gland from radiation injury.

Hairdryers and how to reduce exposure to EMFs radiation from blow dryers
Most hair dryers emit high radiation levels. Don’t use them late in the evening as hair dryers are most dangerous then because the magnetic field produced near your head is enough to shut down your brain’s production of melatonin, which has been acknowledged as a radioprotective anticancer agent and this can also disrupt your sleep cycle. Researchers at the Long Island Power Authority, state that general hair dryers emit EMFs radiation in the following amounts at the following distances:
• 1 inch distance: 60 mG – 200 mG (milliGauss)
• 1 foot distance: .1 mG – 1.5 mG
• 3 foot distance:  <.1 mG

So how to protect yourself from radiation from hairdryers:
1) Get a low radiation hairdryer. Google for ‘low radiation hairdryer’ or ‘low emf hairdryer’ to find one that has low radiation levels.
2) K
eep the hair dryer at a reasonable distance as the amount of magnetic field radiation emitted from a hairdryer is dramatically reduced with distance, due to the inverse square law of physics (which states that as you double the distance from a source of radiation, you quarter your exposure to it).
3) Towel dry your hair well first, which will reduce the overall time you use your blow dryer and consequently reduce the amount of radiation you’re exposed to.

Electric toothbrushes and water flossers
Using electric toothbrushes or water flossers in the late evening (it’s not critical in the morning) will affect melatonin production which is fundamental to good sleep and overall health.
Melatonin production is affected by:
1) light
2) electro-smog (wifi radiation)
3) stress.
Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxy tryptamine) is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in humans to regulate sleep and wakefulness. Melatonin is considered a master hormone which also regulates the immune system and is a powerful antioxidant and radioprotective anticancer agent.

Microwave ovens
Ideally, don’t have a microwave oven. Standing a foot away from your microwave oven while it’s running can expose you to upwards of 400 milliGauss (a mere 4 milliGauss has been firmly linked to leukaemia). Most microwave oven leak radiation. Don’t let children stand near the microwave when it’s working and of course avoid it yourself as much as possible – especially if you’re pregnant. Read about the dangers of microwave ovens

Dirty electricity
Dirty electricity (DE) are high-frequency voltage spikes (transients) caused by plugging electrical devices into the mains supply. Dirty electricity is a by-product of modern electronic equipment and appliances, such as computers, refrigerators, plasma TVs, WiFi routers, smart meters, Sky boxes, DVD players, video recorders, set-top boxes, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), solar panels and dimmer switches – all of which corrupt the electricity they use. Dirty electricity can also enter home and offices through wiring from nearby sources, including your neighbours’ WiFi, TV antennas or nearby mobile phone base stations (transmitters) connected to the power grid. Dirty electricity is also known as dirty mains, dirty power, or electrical pollution that describes the problem of electromagnetic noise on the mains wiring of houses. More on dirty electricity

Watch this informative talk on electrosensitivity and how to protect yourself from electro-smog
“Diagnosis and Management of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS): Rapid Overview for a mixed audience” by Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe

Children with Cancer: Dr Erica Mallery Blythe – 30 minutes
Dr Erica Mallery Blythe spoke at the Children with Cancer UK’s annual conference about the Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment (PHIRE). Children with Cancer: Dr Erica Mallery Blythe spoke at the Children with Cancer UK’s annual conference about the Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment (PHIRE). PHIRE was founded by Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, it is an independent association of medical doctors and associated specialists assembled for the purposes of improving education regarding health effects of non-ionising radiation.

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In this video above, Charlie Teo talks about his findings to the Environmental Health Trust.

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Microwaving Our Planet – By Arthur Firstenberg (free download)

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life – By Arthur Firstenberg (Best: directly from the publisher)

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life – By Arthur Firstenberg (Amazon)

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