Health improved immediately
“At first sceptical, my wife and I felt a distinct change almost immediately. Our health improved immediately – minor aches and pains melted away. We have Helios switched on all the time and I recommend it without reservation.”
Dr. William Bloom, the UK’s most experienced teacher, healer and author in the field of holistic development. Glastonbury, UK

Sleeping better & gynaecological problems sorted out
“I purchased a Helios when I discovered that there was a wide band of geopathic stress running across my bed. My husband and I start to sleeping better immediately. My tendency to nocturnal stomach pains which were symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome cleared up over the next few weeks. Gynaecological problems eventually righted themselves. I have also supplied these machines to a number of my clients, all of whom have been delighted with them.”
Amanda Kenton, Feng Shui Consultant, London, UK

Feeling better and sleeping deeper
“Thank you for sending me the Helios device for the line of geopathic stress that was cutting right through the bed from my chin to my hips. I’m feeling much better and I’m having a really deep sleep. It’s great!”
Jolanta Witowska, Architect – Real Estate Evaluator, Warsaw, Poland

Sleeping less and pet’s health problem under control
“We have ordered a 2nd Helios 3 for the house order. The first one is doing great! Our dog had a small seizure yesterday, but it was so much better than before. He did not need a shot and he came out of it quickly, even though it was a full moon and raining, which makes it worse with the full moon and water running under the house. It was a major improvement to what we used to have so we think one more will really do it. We are really happy! (We don’t have epileptic dogs. It is not in our family. We never saw seizures before this house and our dogs are 11, 9, 8 and 5 yrs old. But after moving to a new house, 3 out of 4 dogs started having monthly seizures. It is the energy here. Someone came to evaluate it and we have running water (geopathic stress), metals and strong fields here and we are near a mountain.) I am so glad your product has helped us. Also, I sleep a lot less now. Thanks again!”
Mere, Athens, Greece

Better travel on Eurostar, combating electromagnetic radiation and WIFI
“The most extreme benefit from the Helios I have noticed was when I sat on a Eurostar train recently and before we even started moving felt extremely light-headed and nauseous. On commenting about this to my friend she said it was probably because they now had wireless on the train and of course its effect is amplified many times by being in a “metal cage”. Sure enough, there was a woman using wireless internet across the aisle. I got my Helios 3 which I always take when travelling to protect myself in hotels, and plugged it into the electrical socket by me. INSTANT RELIEF! and the children with us also immediately said they felt better! What a fantastic product this is – I feel for the first time I can protect myself almost everywhere – at home, office, in hotels, in trains!!
Sue Donnelly, Wholistic Nutritional Medicine

House sold with Helios3
“Jan, Wanted to let you know about the positive feedback from the Helios 3 device. Put the device in my 1450 sq. ft. condominium. The one floor home is over a crawl space/cellar which is high enough to stand in most parts. Under the dirt, there runs a stream along the Northside. I know that this is not good Feng Shui. Also with all the cellular towers put in during recent years along with the popularity of WI FI Internet connections, which most of my neighbours now have, we were getting unwanted energy.

In the household, we have experienced health problems since moving in during 2005. With the Helios 3 device in place, we are sleeping more soundly. Less hours of sleep required. Seeming to make better choices. My elderly mother seems more rested.

I took out the device for three days around April 13th and put it in a house I am trying to sell for clients that were very difficult to sell, as I am a Real Estate Broker. On April 15th it was shown by a buyer’s agent. Late that day we had an acceptable contract offer. As soon as the seller signed the offer next day, I took out the device and returned it home! I felt the lack of the device those few days. During an inspection by a contractor and the buyer the next week I put the device in during the day. When the inspection was over, late at night I drove over to the house and took the device back!!

I knew that property had energy problems and had tried some Feng Shui remedies. Still, we were on the market over 5 months and no acceptable offers. Price reduction after price reduction did not help the situation. No one ever stated the house was overpriced.. Sellers had spent tens of thousands of dollars on a renovation, having many labour problems, cost overruns, poor choices. Consistent with bad energy. Now at least they can get rid of the place even though they have lost thousands of dollars. We close escrow on May 15th.
Thank you for your prompt service. Warm Regards,”
A client, USA

I sleep so much better…
“Thanks for developing such a good product for geopathic stress. I have found I sleep so much better – I have a RADItech but the Helios3 is much more effective for geopathic stress because of the Schumann resonance produced.”
Ruth Goundry, London

when I used the computer I could manage far longer time spans
“I’ve been enjoying my Helios3 for a month now and thought it time I

sent you my feedback. I have become very attached to this little device! The first thing I noticed, within a few minutes of turning it on for the first time, was that the air became very fresh and clear, as tho’ an ioniser had been
switched on. This experience has continued throughout.

The next thing I noticed, which was also very dramatic, was that when
I used the computer I could manage far longer time spans without my
eyes becoming as uncomfortable as they normally would. This has been
great – except that I tend to spend more time online as a result, and
altho’ the effect of this is not as obvious as it previously was, I am
still affected, most noticeable as an odd sort of hyperactivity in the
brain, a restless, fidgety feeling that can take ages to modify. But I have not had as much tension/irregularity in the heart while
using the computer with the H3.
I am planning on getting a PIMAT soon-ish also.”
Anni Dixon, Windsor Berkshire

“Since using Helios3 – geopathic stress neutraliser it feels that sleep is much deeper.
In the morning I feel that I have slept until midday, too long, but when I look at the clock it’s only early morning! My mother has also felt better – no more broken sleep during the night. And my dear cat looks better. Anyway, I’m sure to feel better and better as long as I have Helios3. Thank you for such a great gift!”
Jasmin Kallas, Tallinn, Estonia

‘Ghosts’ gone…
“I wanted to tell you about the differences in the house so far. I started sleeping better from the first night it was plugged in Helios3. Jack the cat is acting more and more like he used to before we moved in here. The house seems to be calming down a bit. Yesterday I asked Qiao if she’s seen the ghosts. She told me, “No. They are all gone”. Wow! I think it will take a while for the house to become “normal” but it seems to be working. Yesterday Jack was out by the pool with us whilst we were swimming. He used to always be out there with us at the other house. This is the first time since moving here he’s been out there with us. Brilliant!”
Andy Hilton, Lakeland, Florida USA

“difference in sound stage and clarity when the Helios3 is switched on”
“I have an Acoustic Revive here at work and a Helios3 and I think yours is more powerful. I’ve got a reasonable hifi down here and have been playing tracks to people with and without the Helios3 plugged in and everyone has noticed the difference in sound stage and clarity when the Helios3 is switched on. I didn’t tell them what I was doing and they hadn’t a clue what a Schumann resonator was before then. Of course, I bored them to death about it afterwards.”
Richard Pells, UK

Lots of health benefits to using helios 3
“We just moved into an old decrepit house, and are admittedly people who are into our alternative therapy and have a holistic view of the world. I felt an ominous oppressive atmosphere in the house, and we had a string of bad luck, and my health was worsening (headaches, pressure, disturbed sleep etc). Knowing about feng shui I saw this device had been created by a Feng Shui master and thought it might make a difference to the energies in the house. I had asked some experts I knew about the geopathic stress here and they also told me it was on top of a vortex of energy lines that need sorting out. The luck though was out of hand, we had 5 nasty situations happening all at once. So we did the feng shui and got this to give it a try. To me, it makes of sense, as it replicates the schumann resonance of the earth to fight all these RF’s and EMF’s flooding us from mobile phone masts, wifi etc. And geopathic stress comes from the ground, ie electromagnetic disturbances in the earth’s natural vibration (the schumann resonance). This device pumps that Schumann resonance out all day so your body tunes into that and not the other forms of electrosmog around it, and therefore eliminates electrosmog outside, and geopathic stress below. Immediately we slept better (turn off your wifi at night and get rid of your phone deck if you have one and get an old fashioned phone that isn’t wireless to get the full effect and benefit). Headaches and pressure stopped, sleep was so much better. They say animals are attracted to geopathic stress (cats like negative ones). We had a mouse getting into the walls, and they have gone too with the Helios 3. I think it is benefiting the feng shui and therefore the “chi” levels of the house, and has had a lot of really positive effects. So yeah it seems to work, and I think these days with the constant electro smog affecting what is possible with feng shui, it really gives the healthy chi of your house a real chance. One more thing, I used to feel dizzy all the time and ungrounded, not so since the helios 3, and again its that Schumann resonance I think. Expensive, but it does definitely have some positive effects. Also, I don’t know if it was the feng shui we put in and/or the helios 3 but all of our bad situations also resolved themselves around the time we got the helios 3- maybe coincidence, but everything suddenly felt different when we put it to work! I’m not on commission, its just the truth!”
5* review from Amazon

No longer tired, lethargic
“I received the Helios Harmonizer and I keep it all the time with me I am no longer tired, lethargic, I don’t feel anymore that I have low moments.” 

Lavinia C., London

Less fatigued and the heartache stopped
“Thank you for the wonderful device, it works very nicely, I definitely feel much less fatigued and the heartache stopped. In fact, I was so happy with it, I just ordered another one for a relative.”

Balazs, Hungary

Better sleep, more relaxed
“I am sleeping more soundly and feel more relaxed -the effects of the Helios 3. For my husband, who has both heart and kidney disease, he does not feel any difference yet, though I notice that he is calmer, less anxious.”
Evelyn Challis, USA

More positive mood and thinking around 7.83hz
“Jan, I have been awake all night to see if when the telúric energy changes, the product has the power to revert it. 
And it works completely. And also it gives you the clarity to work and see things that with density are difficult to see. I discover many things tonight. I’ve noticed that I can’t have negative thoughts around Helios3 device. The Schumann resonance, 7.83hz affects my thinking and mood in a positive way. It creates a positive atmosphere to be naturally more positive. This is very important for humanity Jan.”
Eva Plaza Mesas, Spain