What is electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?
Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or sometimes called electrosmog or electrostress is generated by most electrical appliances, electrical cables, transformers, hair dryers (read below), electrical shavers, microwaves, mobile masts, cordless telephones and mobile phones as well as electric storage radiators (heaters), electric stove ring, microwave ovens and electric blankets.

Electromagnetic field (ELF) radiation includes household appliances and overhead power lines. Scientists agree that ELF fields are hazardous to human health. It’s considered “possibly carcinogenic,” and has been linked to cases of childhood leukaemia.

The most common frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum include:
• Electric Power 60 Hz
• AM radio 1 MHz
• FM radio 88-108 MHz
• Mobile phones 800-2200 MHz
• Microwave ovens 2450 MHz
• X-rays, more than 1,000,000 MHz

All electromagnetic energy falls somewhere on the electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation to microwaves, x-rays, and gamma rays.

It’s a proven fact that at extremely high frequencies, like that of x-rays, the electromagnetic particles have enough power to break chemical bonds and cause serious damage to human tissue. This is known as ionizing radiation.

Since X-rays have the power to damage the genetic material of cells, they can lead to cancer and birth defects—which is why you wear a lead vest during x-rays to protect the surrounding areas from unnecessary damage.

At lower frequencies, such as the microwave range used by mobile phones and base stations, the energy emitted is too low to break chemical bonds (non-ionizing radiation). This is the main staple argument by those who believe that cell phone radiation is completely harmless.

Perhaps the most interesting, and perplexing thing to note here is this: Although extremely low frequencies (ELF’s emitted from appliances and power lines) are known to be carcinogenic, and high levels of radio frequency energy are known to create heat that damages biological tissue, the scientific community is extremely hesitant to attach any kind of danger to the in-between frequencies where cell phones operate.

Brainwave states and Schumann resonance of 7.83Hz
Helios3 produces a frequency of 7.83Hz (Schumann waves) which soothes the brain so your brain gets the same benefits as when you sleep in geopathic stress-free zones and with no electro-smog.

Brainwave states and Schumann Resonance of 7.83Hz

Brainwave states and Schumann Resonance of 7.83Hz

Watch a documentary about Schumann resonance, geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution and electrosensitivity below.

Resonance: Beings of Frequency

What is mobile phone radiation?
Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from mobile phones provokes a good deal of controversy. Many experts believe that the radiation is too low-level to cause harm. However, they often base this on an examination of thermal or heat-related effects. The danger from mobile phones is far more likely to originate in the low-intensity pulsed microwave radiation that the phones emit.

What proof is there of harmful effects?
There is now a growing body of evidence showing that long-term exposure to this kind of mobile phone radiation can indeed put your health in danger. Studies have linked mobile phone radiation to issues like:
• Brain cancer
• Tumor growth on the auditory nerve
• Reduced male fertility
• Increased risk of seizures
• Many other potential problems

Although mobile phone radiation is of low intensity, the oscillatory similarity between this pulsed microwave radiation and certain electrochemical activities within your body raises serious concerns.

Your body is essentially an electromagnetic instrument, controlled by highly complex and orderly oscillatory electrical processes. Each one of these electro-biological processes vibrate at a specific frequency—some of which happen to be close to those used in modern GSM cell phone technology.

The pulsating, low-intensity microwaves from mobile phones can exert subtle, non-thermal influences on the human biology because microwaves are waves. As such, they have properties other than just intensity (which is the part regulated by safety guidelines).

Therefore, much in the same way as a radio can receive interference; your biological processes can be interfered with by the oscillatory aspect of the incoming radiation.

Highly organized electrical processes at the cellular level are especially vulnerable to interference from cell phone radiation because their frequency happens to fall within the microwave range.

What you can do to protect yourself
Some common sense approaches include:
• Keep your mobile phone use down a much as possible (under 4 min at a time)
• Get a mobile phone with a good speakerphone and always use it.
• Keep the phone as far away from your body as possible.
• Restrict your children’s use of cell phones, as no one knows just how severe the health impact may be after a lifetime of exposure.
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How can Helios3 protect you from electro-smog?
The Helios3 doesn’t reduce wi-radiation or electromagnetic pollution. Short of living in a Faraday cage and shielding yourself completely, there are no devices that can do that, even if you switch off all your electrical devices at home – your neighbours’ wifi and mobile phones masts would reach you and can affect you. But Helios3 counters the negative effects of EMF’s / electro-smog on the body by creating an abundance of Schumann waves/resonance 7.83Hz in your home or workplace where your body naturally tunes into the healthy Earth’s frequency of 7.83Hz instead of electro-smog and reducing the negative effects. The mechanism and effect of Helios3 is similar to when people take iodine that can help block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland, thus protecting this gland from radiation injury.

Most hair dryers emit high radiation levels. Don’t use them late in the evening as hair dryers are most dangerous then because the magnetic field produced near your head is enough to shut down your brain’s production of melatonin, which has been acknowledged as a radioprotective anticancer agent and this can also disrupt your sleep cycle. Google for ‘low radiation hairdryer’ or ‘low emf hairdryer’ to find one that has low radiation levels.

Electric toothbrushes
Using electric toothbrushes in the evening will affect melatonin production is fundamental to good sleep. Melatonin production is affected by 1) light 2) electro-smog 3) stress.

Microwave ovens
Ideally, don’t have a microwave oven. Standing a foot away from your microwave oven while it’s running can expose you to upwards of 400 milliGauss (a mere 4 milliGauss has been firmly linked to leukaemia). Most microwave oven leak radiation. Don’t let children stand near the microwave when it’s working and of course avoid it yourself as much as possible – especially if you’re pregnant. Read about the dangers of microwave ovens

Watch this informative talk on electrosensitivity and how to protect yourself from electro-smog
“Diagnosis and Management of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS): Rapid Overview for a mixed audience” by Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe

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